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Feminists Need Men to Promote Feminism

Feminists Need Men to Promote Feminism

Feminists are normal people!

Feminists believe in God!

There are feminists who are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc.!

Feminists have mood swings!

Feminists can keep a home like any other person!

They believe in love, they fall in love and want to be loved!

Feminists are emotional! They want to be pampered!

Feminists have strengths and weaknesses!

They do get heartbroken. Being a feminist doesn’t make you emotionless or bitter.

Most importantly, feminists don’t hate men! Feminism is not staging war against men.

Where I come from, saying you are a feminist is like cursing yourself!

Some misconstrue feminism as an evil movement aimed at challenging the will of God. Others have stereotyped feminists as frustrated single women who have scared all the men away. Some believe feminism is a western ideology designed to question everything African.

These are just a handful of the stereotypes and perceptions people have about feminists or feminism.

On the contrary, feminists do like flowers, mobile money (a popular money transfer system in Ghana) :), fried rice or indomie, kisses, massages, candle light dinners, breakfast in bed. In fact we do ADORE acts of chivalry.

Feminism, according to Oxford dictionary, is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of sexes.” In brief, feminism is saying no to cultural practices and traditions that are harmful to women and girls. For example, it is not okay to cut off the external female genitalia of a young girl all in the name of nipping her sexual libidos in the bud.

Feminism is advocating for legal frameworks that empower women and girls politically, economically, socially etc.

Feminism is not strictly a women’s affair. There are men right here in Ghana right here in Africa who understand that women and girls should be treated equally as men and boys. They believe that women and girls equally have what it takes to move society forward.

As a feminist I have always told myself men have a key role to play in empowering women. My goal is to see more men actively engaged in empowering women in Ghana and in Africa. I see men as key partners and not competitors in empowering women and girls. For me, the goal of feminism should not aim at putting men behind. We should aim at righting the wrongs together! Inasmuch as we are advocating for more rights for women, I believe we have to remind ourselves about carrying the men along. There is no point having a society with only empowered women.

Indeed, many countries in Africa including Ghana have made progress regarding gender equality and women empowerment. A few years ago, having a woman presidential candidate during elections was unimaginable!

Feminists must continue to walk the talk! There is no point advocating for political equality if no woman is willing to venture into politics? And in this case, it will be unfair to blame men for sidelining women unless of course, the laws in the country don’t allow women’s participation. Let’s not see men as enemies!

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