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Girl-Empowerment Advocacy Group Donates 100 Boxes of Sanitary Pads to Students in Ga East Municipali

On Friday, 20th July, 2018, Fanthonio.net, a girl-empowerment advocacy group donated 100 boxes of sanitary pads to students of the Kwabenya Community Senior High School in the Ga East Municipality, a suburb of Accra in Ghana under its “One Friend One Box” campaign.

The donation exercise marked the group’s first outreach programme and official launch of the campaign. The goal of the “One Friend One Box” initiative is to support young girls with basic but critical needs with regards to female reproductive health and hygiene to enable them have access to sanitary pads throughout the academic year. The group through this campaign aims to reduce the increasing reports of girls’ absenteeism in school during menstruation which has serious consequences on their academic performance, their personal growth and development. The campaign also seeks to sensitise the general public, particularly, young girls about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

Ms Felicia Anthonio, Founder of Fanthonio.net, in her address during the donation reiterated the important role access to modern sanitary pads plays in improving girls’ participation and confidence in school. She also expressed her outfit’s commitment to supporting young girls across the country with sanitary pads and mentorship opportunities.

Ms Felicia Anthonio making remarks at the Kwabenya Community Senior High School.

“We hope to offer direct in-kind support to girls from deprived communities, train them on menstrual hygiene issues to increase their confidence and participation in class. Fanthonio.net also intends to extend the One Friend, One Box campaign throughout the country as well as set up menstrual hygiene clubs in schools as part of the campaign to train girls to become responsible and outspoken about issues affecting them in society. We want to train the girls to be empowered and become ambassadors of menstrual hygiene.”

The event which was held at the school premises supported 100 first year female students from deprived homes. Each girl received a box containing between 12-16 packs of sanitary pads. The selection of beneficiaries was done with the support of the school’s Guidance and Counselling Unit.

Cross-section of students during the donation exercise.

The donation was preceded by a presentation on the importance of personal hygiene during menstruation. The students were taken through how to use and properly dispose of modern sanitary pads as well as the biological and physical changes that come with menstruation.

Authorities of the school expressed their profound gratitude to the platform and their commitment to working closely with Fanthonio.net to ensure the sustainability of the campaign.

Donations received for the first exercise were mainly from individuals within and outside Ghana. About 50 individuals donated an average of two boxes each. The next donation exercise is scheduled to take place between November and December 2018. Details will be out soon.

For more information about how to support the One Friend, One Box campaign, kindly visit our website www.fanthonio.net or contact Felicia Anthonio on felicia.anthonio@gmail.com/+233557288151.

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